You want to play drums? Awesome, we love drums!

Drums are a physical instrument and challenges your concentration and focus.  Great drummers are great listeners.  This means listening to your band, metronome, or your teacher :)  We have drum students beginning as young as 5 year old.  The most successful students are not always the most energetic, but the students that are able to know when to play, but also when to stop and listen.  Our drum instructors have many years experience working with all ages and abilities and can ensure that you are getting to that "next level".

Blas Moreno.jpg

Blas Moreno

Blas has been a teacher at Round Rock Music for over 7 years.  He is proficient at drums, and guitar and often will write songs for his students to play with him.  He is an active performer, and recording artist in the area.


Matt Slack

Matt has over 27 years of experience playing, practicing, and performing.  Matt started piano lessons as a child and continued for 17 years.  Around middle school he joined the concert band as a percussionist as well as local community orchestras.  Matt studied Percussion Performance at BYU, and as an adult has recorded numerous albums, toured both nationally and internationally, written and recorded music for artists as well as commercial music for Native Instruments, Ableton, BYU, Bad Panda Games, EA Sports: NBA 2K16, and most recently a Super Bowl ad that aired in 2017.
Matt currently is a percussionists for the Cinematic Symphony, as well as educator and adjudicator throughout RRISD.  As a former teacher at Round Rock Music from 2015-2016, Matt got to know many of the students and culture of RRM and took ownership of the school in April of 2017.