Our guitar lessons are catered to each individual student.  We teach all ages, kids, youth and adults.  The youngest we begin teaching guitar is around 7 years old.  For those students younger than 7 we recommend they try out Ukulele as it is smaller in size and nylon strings are easy on the fingers.  Our goal is to help you achieve your musical goals.  Let us know what style, song or performance you wish to achieve and we can help you take the steps to get there!  Get to know our instructors listed below.

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Taylor Ferguson

Taylor Ferguson is a piano and guitar teacher with over 20 years of performance and 10 years of teaching experience. He began playing piano at age 6, but realized his love for music when he started playing the guitar and writing his own songs at age 12. Taylor has taught music to students of all ages and abilities. He loves passing on his passion for music and helping his students discover their own creativity.  He plays lead guitar in Hydra Melody, a San Antonio-based pop-rock band that has gone on national tours alongside bands such as Third Eye Blind, Everclear and Cartel. He also fronts the Austin-based rock group, Strange Rituals. In addition, Taylor spends much of his time recording, producing and songwriting with local groups.  Taylor graduated from San Antonio’s Northeast School of the Arts (NESA) and has a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Austin.

Blas Moreno

Blas has been a teacher at Round Rock Music for over 7 years.  He is proficient at drums, and guitar and often will write songs for his students to play with him.  He is an active performer, and recording artist in the area.


Victoria Hammill

Victoria Hammill is a professional performing artist, musician, and songwriter, who is gifted with the natural ability to teach students of all ages, including those with special needs.

With a rich experience in the arts, music, and sciences, Victoria reaches students of all ages. She honors all cultures and teaches with joy and enthusiasm. With a genuine desire to foster and inspire the growth of every individual, private instruction is tailored to fit each student’s goals and passion.  From August 2011 to present, Victoria has taught 150+ students, ages ranging from 4 yrs. of age to adult.

Learning piano and guitar and taking formal classical violin and orchestral study and voice through the highly regarded public school music program of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin; and studying voice at the University of Wisconsin in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Music program, she has performed professionally for more than 24 years at Nashville, Tennessee; Austin, Texas; and regionally in Texas and Wisconsin.

With mastery of multiple instruments – acoustic violin, viola, piano, and guitar – as a professional performing artist, her niche is voice and electric violin blues / rock / jazz / fusion.

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Matthew Temple

Matthew was born and raised in Austin TX. His musical experience comes from his schooling at UT where he studied Saxophone and Flute. He also teaches Piano, Guitar and Bass and plays frequently around Austin and throughout the world.