Music and Technology

What does Music and Technology mean?  Most commercial and professional music is created along side music technology.  This can mean your digital recorder, computer, advanced synthesizers, sequencers, tablets or smartphones.  Our professional staff not only is familiar with these techniques, but some have even helped design content for the hardware and software manufacturers.  Because of the rapid pace of advancement in technology, many public schools do not offer this curriculum in their music programs, which is unfortunate because these are the tools used to create todays popular and commercial music.  We believe that by meeting kids in the music they are listening to, music lessons can become even more impactful.  Here are some of the tools we teach: 


imaschine: by Native instruments

iMaschine is a powerful iPad app that allows students to experience mobile versions of sequencers, and programming hardware that have been used in producing music sine the early 90's.  Many genres attributed to this workflow include: Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Dance, Techno, and Dubstep.  While we teach classical music principles through these apps, there is no prior musical training needed to enjoy or learn these programs.  Just a love for music!  

Ableton Push

Ableton is a software and hardware company that manufactures professional grade music tools.  These materials are intended for the professional musician who blends usage of acoustic instruments and electronic elements.  These courses are intended for the intermediate to advanced student.


Music Appreciation: free sessions each week

We love listening to music.  But we're not always musically inclined.  We welcome all those who have a love for music even if you've never played an instrument before.  We wish to build a community of people who appreciate good music, and invite you to come to our listening sessions Fridays at 5:00.  Space is limited so please RSVP before attending.  We will listen to an album and discuss the music heard, elements used, some history and just have a good time.