We offer lessons starting as young as 5 through adult.  Piano is always recommended as the first step of anyone who is interested in music.  Here's our top 8 reasons why Piano is a great first step:

1. easy to physically play

You press one of the notes, it makes a sound.  Very straight forward and this ease of use promotes exploration, and minimizes fatigue or frustration when learning a new instrument


The piano is a great instrument to help students learn to read music.  They way the piano keys are laid out mimics the way musical notation is written.  Students immediately begin to see the relationships of melodies, harmonies, and pitch as it's written on the staff.  And because the piano is simple to play they can focus more on reading the notes, than worrying about technique to get a good sound.

3. Sense of Pitch

A piano that is in tune will always play the right pitch when you play the right note.  Wind and string instruments require good breath control or finger placement to get the right pitch which can be challenging for a beginner.

4. tuning and maintenance

Most pianos only need tuning once or twice a year.  Digital pianos are never need to be tuned.  This makes maintenance almost non existent so you can focus on learning and enjoying the instrument.

5. wide range of pitch

The piano notes cover a range larger than any other instrument in the orchestra or band.  This means that students learn to read in both Bass and Treble clef.  Many students starting on piano go on to play other instruments later on, and learning to read both clefs prepares them for playing the low instruments like Trombone, or high instruments like Flute.

6. Melody and accompaniment

When beginning piano you start with simple melodies with one hand.  You soon progress into more complete works where you introduce chords as well as melody playing at the same time. 

7. Dynamic Range

The piano can be very quiet and sensitive, and well as loud and powerful.  This dynamic range helps students ability to add dimensions of expression to their playing.  Because of this dynamic range, it can accompany vocalists, or gentle instruments, but is also powerful enough to command a strong solo performance.

8. A great foundation

Many of the musical fundamentals learned in piano are applicable to all musical instruments.  This foundation always prepares students for a lifetime of different musical experiences, whether on piano or on an array of instruments.



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Mary Tongay has been teaching piano in Round Rock for the past 24 years. She graduated from University of Maryland with a BA in piano. Mary is a longtime, active member in Austin District Music Teacher’s Association along with Texas Music Teacher’s Association and Music Teacher’s National Association. Along with participating in annual theory tests and music festivals at UT, she has also sent students to the TMTA annual convention to perform.


Victoria Hammill is a professional performing artist, musician, and songwriter, who is gifted with the natural ability to teach students of all ages, including those with special needs.

With a rich experience in the arts, music, and sciences, Victoria reaches students of all ages. She honors all cultures and teaches with joy and enthusiasm. With a genuine desire to foster and inspire the growth of every individual, private instruction is tailored to fit each student’s goals and passion.  From August 2011 to present, Victoria has taught 150+ students, ages ranging from 4 yrs. of age to adult.

Learning piano and guitar and taking formal classical violin and orchestral study and voice through the highly regarded public school music program of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin; and studying voice at the University of Wisconsin in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Music program, she has performed professionally for more than 24 years at Nashville, Tennessee; Austin, Texas; and regionally in Texas and Wisconsin.

With mastery of multiple instruments – acoustic violin, viola, piano, and guitar – as a professional performing artist, her niche is voice and electric violin blues / rock / jazz / fusion.


Minkyung Kim started playing classical piano at age 7. Music has been a big part of her life ever since. She has more than 20 years of musical experience as a performer and composer.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Sam Houston State University. She has also taught as a public school teacher in Texas and ESL teacher in South Korea for over 10 years. She is excited to work with students and help them to enjoy and create music at Round Rock Music School.

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Taylor Ferguson is a piano and guitar teacher with over 20 years of performance and 10 years of teaching experience. He began playing piano at age 6, but realized his love for music when he started playing the guitar and writing his own songs at age 12. Taylor has taught music to students of all ages and abilities. He loves passing on his passion for music and helping his students discover their own creativity.  He plays lead guitar in Hydra Melody, a San Antonio-based pop-rock band that has gone on national tours alongside bands such as Third Eye Blind, Everclear and Cartel. He also fronts the Austin-based rock group, Strange Rituals. In addition, Taylor spends much of his time recording, producing and songwriting with local groups.  Taylor graduated from San Antonio’s Northeast School of the Arts (NESA) and has a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Austin.


Denise Stewart is an international recording artist who has many years of experience in every kind of vocal arena. She began singing at six years old when she had to stand in for her mom at a church function. Her background in music began with the Chorale experience in a small Methodist church in Chicago, Illinois. Her father introduced her to Miles, Coltrane and Billie Holiday and she's been singing ever since.

After high school, Denise enrolled in the music conservatory at Roosevelt University as a Piano Major, with a minor in composition.  She transferred to Fisk University in her Sophomore year, where she graduated with honors in music. While there, she had the pleasure of working with Quincy Jones, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Melba Moore - to name a few.


Matthew was born and raised in Austin TX. His musical experience comes from his schooling at UT where he studied Saxophone and Flute. He also teaches Piano, Guitar and Bass and plays frequently around Austin and throughout the world.  


Matt has over 27 years of experience playing, practicing, and performing.  Matt started piano lessons as a child and continued for 17 years.  Around middle school he joined the concert band as a percussionist as well as local community orchestras.  Matt studied Percussion Performance at BYU, and as an adult has recorded numerous albums, toured both nationally and internationally, written and recorded music for artists as well as commercial music for Native Instruments, Ableton, BYU, Bad Panda Games, EA Sports: NBA 2K16, and most recently a Super Bowl ad that aired in 2017.
Matt currently is a percussionist for the Cinematic Symphony, as well as educator and adjudicator throughout RRISD.  As a former teacher at Round Rock Music from 2015-2016, Matt got to know many of the students and culture of RRM and took ownership of the school in April of 2017.