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Private lessons are taught as half-hour weekly lessons. However, we are great at customizing lessons to fit your needs, lifestyle, schedule. For example, we offer 45 minute duo lessons for parent and child, or siblings/friends who are close in age/skill level. If standard lessons aren't quite right for you, just ask about other options.

Lessons are once a week, usually a 30 minutes, though 45 minute and one hour lessons are available if appropriate for the student. Half hour lessons for all instruments are $100 with exception to violin, viola and cello which are $110. This a flat rate even in months where you get a fifth lesson.  Lessons are on a month to month basis, no contracts. Also, you get what you pay for. If you can't make a lesson, you can get a make-up time (which is still one-on-one with your usual teacher) or a credit with a minimum 24 notice.

We give lessons in nearly all styles. Many of our students start as beginners. Whether you're doing beginner piano or beginner guitar lessons, or any instrument for that matter, you start off with the basics that are applicable to any style. When beginning guitar lessons, you can use either an an acoustic or electric guitar. They are both played the same. We have teachers who are well educated and very experienced and versatile, so whether you want acoustic or electric guitar lessons, rock, jazz or country guitar lessons, even advanced or lead guitar, we have a teacher for you! For our drum lessons you can learn drum set, marching percussion, or both if that's what you need.

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